National Climate Change Information System

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Climate Change Reports

Annual state of the climate and trends in extreme climate indices reports provided by SAWS.

Annual State of the Climate of South Africa

Provides an overview of:

  • Severe weather events

  • Long-term climate statistics

  • Average Surface Temperature

  • Daily Maximum and Minimum Temperature (selected stations)

  • Rainfall (selected stations)

  • Provincial rainfall

  • Indications of drought

  • Monthly maps

  • Sunshine

Trends in Extreme Climate Indices in South Africa

  • Contains:

  • Updates of the WMO Extreme Climate Indices on an annual basis.

  • The indices provide a general impression of the trend in weather and climate extremes in South Africa, with the latest index values included in the report for comparative purposes.

  • A set of 27 core indices were developed By the WMO to track extremes in surface temperature and precipitation.

  • A subset of 10 surface temperature and 11 precipitation indices were selected for reporting purposes.