National Climate Change Information System

The South African National Climate Change Information System (NCCIS) is a web-based platform for the tracking, analysis and enhancement of South Africa's progress towards a low carbon and climate resilient economy. The NCCIS offers a series of decision support tools to inform policy and decision-making including a database of adaptation and mitigation actions undertaken by stakeholders across the country.

Let's Respond Toolkit

This online toolbox contains a variety of information and tools for South African local government to plan their responses to climate change.

National Climate Change Response Database

The NCCRD is a database of climate change adaptation and mitigation interventions. Please add information on past, current and future climate change response efforts in South Africa.

CCIS Atlas

Explore and view data from the CSIR Green Book's Risk Tool including projections for temperature, rainfall, fire danger, heat stress, groundwater depletion, and coastal flooding. Compare these with average climate metrics including minimum and maximum temperature extremes (1950-2000) derived from the South African Atlas of Agrohydrology and Climatology.

Climate Data:

Datasets incldue climate change projections, average climatological conditions, and historical weather information and climate extremes.

Climate Change Projections

Agrohydrological Atlas

Climate Extremes

Climate Change Projections

Further Data Collections:

Datasets for assistance in decision making around specific areas

Air Quality

Carbon Sinks Atlas 2.0

Coastal & Marine

Environmental Hazards



BioEnergy Atlas